Greetings and welcome!

Some of you know me as Steve, and many of you know me as Maugorn The Stray.

Here in my little corner of the Internet, I will attempt to describe what it is I do, and hopefully promote myself and my art to you.

To describe me briefly, I am a wandering minstrel. I play a wide range of songs from many eras, styles and genres. In my repertoire are interpretive revisitations of centuries-old ballads, celtic drinking songs, sea shanties, folk songs, creative covers of modern songs, classic rock, wacky novelty songs, some originals, and well, anything else that has struck my fancy.

I play and accompany myself on a variety of instruments. The main standbys in my musical arsenal include:

Guitar (mostly 12 string), banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonica, recorder, flute, and others.

My vocal range is somewhere between baritone and tenor. My voice is sometimes compared to Pete Seeger. I'm flattered, but I fancy myself a bit more raucous.

I have several self-produced CDs for sale and a long history of performing under my belt.

Please feel free to explore the site. Here is some of what I have (and plan) to offer:
Please come again and explore some more. As regularly as I can I will have new things to offer; songs, setlists, writing and anything else I'd like to share with the world.

For bookings or inquiries I can be reached at: Finally, a reminder and a hope:

Creating and performing is my life and livelihood. If you enjoy what I have to offer please consider contributing to my cause at Tip Me.